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When she recovers, she realizes that she can experience time in a new way, and she uses that ability to investigate the death of her father (Bob Odenkirk). The film finds Galifianakis (who is likely #1 on the call sheet) heading out on a road trip to "restore his reputation" by interviewing even more A-listers (whose identities have not been confirmed but are rumored to include David Letterman, Bradley Cooper, and Keanu Reeves). For one thing: Each episode takes place entirely during an interrogation between police investigators and a suspected criminal.

Nicholas Pinnock, David Tennant, and Hayley Atwell head the cast of the UK episodes, while American audiences may be more familiar with the behind-the-scenes talent of the other portions, including Once a TV lawyer, always a TV lawyer.

Weirdly, mixed-ish will lead into the returning black-ish on Tuesday nights rather than the other way around.

The fifth season of the puppet prank call series arrives a mere 12 years after season four.

Clancy Brown, Donald Faison, Zabryna Guevara, and Owain Yeoman also star.

The pilot was actually developed by NBC, but that network passed on the series after failing to find an open slot for it, and ABC (which produces the show anyway) quickly picked it up.

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