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His nimble moves even landed him some work as a part-time backup dancer.Then one night at a bar in Queens, on the eve of his 25th birthday, he stepped outside to find a group of men jumping his friend.Some of them were strangers familiar with his work, but many more were friends and longtime neighbors who knew him not as Omar from “The Wire” but Mike from Tower 3301.

He wore knockoff streetwear and learned to walk with a lean.

Williams’s childhood was often a landscape of drugs and violence.

As he rode down the avenue, nearly every corner conjured a grisly memory.

When he tried to intervene, one of the muggers pulled out a razor blade and sliced him across his face and neck. The next day, his mother took out a second insurance policy on his life.“She told me I’d never live to 30,” Mr. Soon enough, he was dancing in music videos and on tour alongside artists such as George Michael and Madonna, inevitably cast in the part of a street tough.

Williams recalled, “and I believed her.”But the attack that almost killed him left an indelible mark that also revived his life: a scar trailing diagonally down his face, from the top of his forehead to the middle of his right cheek. His first substantial acting role came courtesy of no less an authority than Tupac Shakur, who tapped Mr.

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