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However, He is still doing acting but only short films or small features.The uploader said the video is from 2007 when He was 24 yo.The swinging hugeness of Jake's cock will always be imprinted on my memory.I'm aware that penis size and amount of semen ejaculated are not intertwined, but I nevertheless firmly believe that when Jake reaches orgasm, that thing must spew cum all over the place like a fucking fountain!David Burtka did, indeed, display a humongous dick in THE PLAY ABOUT THE BABY.

There's always someone like you waiting to piss all over everything.There wasn't some doctor or cop show he could have been on? He looks more like Milo and Mandy than Justin Hartley does. Or just head to Xvideo and sear Jake Silbermann So why does the video say private show?I still remember how hurt he was when he was given the shaft at ATWT, and how easily Van Hansis dropped him. was his phone hacked or has he resorted to turning camming and escorting ???? It was in other forum that said it was posted in his facebook page.best luck to him.[quote]Why some people wanna be party poopers Why are some people so fucking hard up? You don’t see his face--which is my problem with most of these videos. [quote][R223] dude, did u see the photo in the link [R167] ? How many times has a "celebrity" jack-off video been posted on DL and it turned out not to be the celebrity? I know one of the dressers at ATWT and believe me, she can verify. Could only wear midlength, long rise boxers because he's double digits bigger.thisis NOThim. Someone is seriously PRESSED, digging up a four year old thread and posting this nonsense about some cam show being him.Then you have weirdos declaring that it’s authentic. Quite an exaggerated fantasy world and/or someone trying to drive traffic to their post(s). You have to wonder why r236 is so determined that we not think that's Jake's dick.

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