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My Happy Wife, Happy Life co-creator, Cat Davis has been making queer content for over a decade, from AE’s Cat on The Prowl, to Is This Awesome?with Fortune Feimster and our short-lived news satire series We Have Issues.“We love the idea of couples talking about how great it is to get married.Marriage is fucking awesome.” Mc Manus and long-time friend Cat Davis conceived the idea, later asking their respective wives to be a part of the self-produced show.Web series like “Happy Wife Happy Life” have gained mainstream traction for the LGBTQ community and become an important and central platform for new queer creation.

BM: Lying in a hammock, reading a book with my wife and animals squished next to me as we try not to fall off.“Everyone can put their stuff out there on the internet,” says Mc Manus on finding more LGBTQ media.“[The internet] levels the playing field; of course, it’s not 100 percent leveled, but that doesn’t mean the minority can’t flourish and thrive too. I want to see more points of views and perspectives.” Mc Manus has seen the “nonstop growing and thriving” in the queer community but acknowledges it may not be accessible to everyone.The majority of your professional career has revolved in a significant way around the lesbian community. BM: I’ve always identified as a professional lesbian because I’ve been out since the beginning of my career.So much of my work has been for queer media outlets and has prominently featured lesbian stories and characters. AE: I want to talk for a moment about “Happy Wife, Happy Life” (HWHL) because I binged it this weekend and I thought it was hilarious. Or, if I had a time machine, I would be on that fitness competition show AE: You are the Vice President for Development at Tello Films, which in addition to HWHL streams your projects “Maybelle,” “Mc Manus Land,” “Brunch with Bridget,” and one of your stand-up shows.

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I plan to have my own production company and create original content for film and television.

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