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But like I said a little bit of diversity couldn't hurt, that can also be said for the ladies on show as most of them are blonds and brunettes, on the other hand they are all quite stunning so it's not all bad.Brother Undercover is quite a new site as the first batch of episodes were launched a mere three months ago on February.As you may have guessed the white girls on this site buy in to their stories and before you know it are opening their legs hoping to get a taste of black cock!What I would like to see is a bit more variety in their episodes because so far the scenes are one on one romps between the black guy and the white girl.The hard to get white girls buy their stories and end up getting slammed and recorded on the videos which end up on this great site.When it comes to reality porn we all know to take it with a grain of salt, yes for the most part they are staged though at times the models do such a good job on making them believable and makes you wonder whether they chose the right line of work.Members are provided with a navigation menu to make their way to the different sections of the site, this is situated down the left border of the site and contains the links to both the picture and video archives.

Something more like a steamy reality TV show the black fellas on this site pretend to be tamed black guys rather than the real pussy loving gangstas they are.

Overall they are certainly a nice side dish to the main meal which are the videos.

Now the developers obviously knew that their members weren't going to be content with just 14 episodes and that they might go through the entire collection before a new update comes along.

Staged or not it doesn't change the fact that some reality porn can be downright entertaining but I've yet to come across a reality theme which is as original and humorous as the content available on Brother Undercover.

As with most reality based porn the scenes available on this site start off with story lines and there are times when you're sides will split from laughing too much as there are quite a few hilarious episodes on this site.

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