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This tool comes with many inbuilt features by which you can easily track the website’s performance, Google search index status, technical status update, and also information about search traffic.

Overall this tool can be referred to as the doctor of the website because it tracks each and every information about the website.

If in this section you see no notification that means there is no problem in your site and if you see any notification then immediate action must be taken to resolve the issue.

Also, if there are any problems regarding security you will be informed in this section through notifications. Links: This section of Google webmaster shows you how many external and internal links your webpage is pointing to.

To crawl the site in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing sitemap is required.

There are various free tools available on the internet from which you can easily generate sitemap and can use it.

And that search engine corporate blogging has become precise, with multiple Google, Yahoo and MSN blogs and some blogs thrown into the mix.

If you are using Word Press then I would suggest you to use Yoast Seo plugin to generate a sitemap.

Otherwise, you can search for free sitemap generator tool in Google. Enhancement: The enhancement section basically shows an error if pages are mobile friendly or not.

In addition to that, if you are not so much technical then you can also use canonicalization log in the head section.

As an example, you need to insert the link or also you can use Word Press insert and header Plugins if you have a website made in Word Press.

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In order to properly index web pages in Google search engine, it’s essential to submit a sitemap in search console.

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