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In a statement provided to Network World, Trendnet IT Director Brian Chu said the company is doing its best to raise awareness of the issue, though he stopped short of offering an explanation for its resilience."Trendnet is doing everything it can to notify all Trendnet IP camera users to update the critical security firmware on affected cameras," Chu said.

The moving images that were once isolated and divorced from context are now fixed within a geographic space, imbuing them with an extra layer of reality — and, perhaps most important, lending a new sense of scale to Trendnet's security hole.

Trendnet, for its part, says it has notified all owners of affected cameras, though Network World speculates that some users may have never registered their devices to begin with, which would therefore make it difficult to identify them.

The manufacturer also ceased shipments of all affected models last year, and pulled any remaining cameras from store shelves.

Everybody can incarnate the world famous American Dream here, even if he is not the US citizen.

Only USA may provide people from around the world with the clean sheet of their life.

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