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“But people are talking about exes too much—I’ve seen some weird fights at the bar come up over exes.” Washingtonians also have the bad habit of leading with the question, “What do you do?” While it’s a natural icebreaker in a city where any gathering doubles as a networking event, the probe can be troubling in a romantic setting, according to several bartenders.Especially back then, so we had to give them their check. But spewing opposing political views can sink a date. Then it was on to disagreeing about sports and politics.

“The guy was being a real asshole, asking his date, ‘Do you like the bartender? ’ He got really upset really quickly.” When the woman went to the bathroom, he fled.

“The number one is on a first date when the guy doesn’t know the chick but orders what he thinks she wants to eat,” he says.

“Talking about exes is never fun, unless both people are laughing,” he adds.

This time City Paper asked six male bartenders with a combined 94 years of experience in the hospitality industry to share their perspectives. Dating behaviors aren’t all that different, so those working behind the bar see the same mistakes repeatedly.

“Cell phones are a big turn off,” says Joe Pereira, who currently works at The Park at Fourteenth.

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