Video of black panthers intimidating voters

Huey Newton Foundation members, containing a significant number of the original party's leaders, once successfully sued the group; their ultimate objective in doing so—to prevent the NBPP from using the Panther name—appears to have been unsuccessful.In response to the suit, Aaron Michaels branded the original Panthers "has-been wannabe Panthers", adding: "Nobody can tell us who we can call ourselves." Although the NBPP says it sees capitalism as the fundamental problem with the world and revolution as the solution, the new party does not draw its influences from Marxism or Maoism as the original party did.However, those loyal to Nzinga left and formed a splinter group called the "New Black Panther Party for Self Defence" or "NBPP SD".The NBPP still upholds Khalid Abdul Muhammad as the de facto father of the movement.Michaels rose to widespread attention in 2003 when he called on blacks to use shotguns and rifles in Dallas to protest against the chairman of a school board who had been taped calling black students "little niggers".In 1998, Khalid Abdul Muhammad brought the organization into the national spotlight when he led the group to intervene in response to the 1998 murder of James Byrd Jr. The New Black Panther Party identifies with the original Black Panther Party and it claims to uphold its legacy.

The two groups remain at odds, each attempting to control the name recognition of "The New Panthers".He stated his beliefs that the rich white families of Duke had placed political pressure on the investigation and forced the charges to be dropped.When questioned by guest host Michelle Malkin, he labeled her a political prostitute and mouthpiece for a male, chauvinist, racist Bill O'Reilly.However this move created a schism within the group.A vote was held and Krystal Muhammad was elected leader of the group.

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The New Black Panther Party became involved in a melee outside Congresswoman Cynthia Mc Kinney's campaign headquarters after she lost a Democratic primary election to her opponent, Hank Johnson.

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