Vb net user control not updating

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Hi All, I created a new user control in framework 2.0 and tried to access the same from the CMS by creating the macros.

I am able to import into the same into the RUNAWAY module.

The page_load event of the user control is working fine and i placed an button in the user control and written the code to change the text of an literal when the button is clicked.

This class exposes all the properties of the VB6 Ambient object, so that no compilation errors occurs.

Locale ID VB6 property can be replaced by the Current Info. VB Migration Partner partially supports the Ambient property, which returns an instance of the VB6Ambient class.

The current section deals with the properties, methods, and events that are specific to the User Control object. VB Migration Partner supports these members, but no asynchronous behavior is implemented. Under VB6 a User Control should call the Can Property Change method before assigning a different value to a property, and the Property Changed method after changing the value of a property. You can replace it with code that returns the Handle property of the container, something like This property isn’t supported under VB. VB Migration Partner implementation of this property as an empty member that always returns Nothing.

Under VB6 you can assign the Access Key property to specify which hotkeys the end user can use to move the input focus to the User Control; when one of the specified hotkeys is actually pressed, the User Control object receives the Access Key Press event. The Async Read method reads a property synchronously and then fires the Async Read Complete event. These methods are intercepted by the VB6 runtime to implement data-bound User Controls, among other things. NET doesn’t support anything similar to these methods. NET User Control that supports data-binding requires many manual changes. In current implementation, the Can Property Change method always return True, whereas the Property Changed method does nothing. NET it isn’t possible to discern between controls that were placed on the usercontrol’s surface at design-time (when the usercontrol is defined) and those that were added after placing the usercontrol on a . VB Migration Partner partially supports the Contained Controls collection; however, this collection always contains the same items as the standard Controls collection. Under VB6 these events fire when the input focus enters and exits the User Control, respectively. VB Migration Partner partially supports the Events Frozen method.

This mechanism is used by controls that are rendered exclusively by means of graphic and that contain no Label, Button, or other controls that support the Caption property. NET User Controls don’t support a built-in mechanism for trapping hotkeys. The main purpose of these methods is to avoid compilation and runtime errors in migrated VB. These events correspond to the Enter and Leave events in VB. Code running inside a VB6 User Control can use the Events Frozen method to ensure that it is safe to trigger an event. This method returns True when the User Control is being loaded and in a few other occasions.

In practice, its only purpose is to allow the User Control to compile correctly. NET controls expose neither the Ambient property nor the Ambient Changed event. The Extender object had typically all the members of the original Active X plus all the members added by the container (i.e. The definition of the extender object was stored in a file with . You can usually delete the reference to the Extender property.

When migrating VB6 code that relies on the Ambient property, in most cases you can use the corresponding property of the object returned by the Container property. For example, the following VB6 code: VB Migration Partner supports the Extender property, which simply returns a reference to the User Control itself.

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VB Migration Partner partially supports this rarely-used feature; the property retains its value between assignments but has no effect on the runtime behavior. However, it isn’t guaranteed to be perfectly equivalent to the original VB6 method.

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