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The vast majority of its population (80%) lives in European Russia, therefore Russia as a whole is included as a European country here.

Jumio's AI-powered Trusted Identity as a Service connects to your product, app or service to verify your customers' real-world identities.

with a valid Bilhete de Identidade or a valid Cartão de Cidadão.

Consular authorities may require other pieces of identification (i.e. Currently no photograph is required, as a digital photograph is taken at the time of the application.

Following European Union Standards the passport bears the title União Europeia above the country name and the title of Passaporte.

The passport contains images of the Portuguese Coat-of-arms.

The biographic information is the first page at the front of the passport.

You can now take your own photo when applying for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS), or secure status card, and submit it straight from your smart phone free of charge using the SCIS Photo App.

If you are applying for a secure status card or need to renew or replace one, you must submit acceptable photos.

The PEP meets ICAO standards for electronic passports, and contains the biometric passport symbol (a small eye-like image).

The PEP meets all the requirements for the United States Visa Waiver Program.

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