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There is nothing preventing communication with the Apple update server and indeed the software update has successfully downloaded, because the issue only arises during the firmware update stage after the actual i OS update has been completed and the install verified successfully by the update server.The router has been specifically set up to ensure there are no barriers with all traffic between the WAN and the individual machine on the LAN being routed through in both directions for all of Apple's port numbers and services.2.

Can the device's volume be accessed through Terminal? Look inside with a bright light, and clean it with something non-metallic if you see any garbage in it (wood or plastic toothpicks work well).

I've tried downloading the software updater again and I'm getting the same problem: update seems to run fine at first, it extracts the software, verifies it, installs, verifies the installation then begins a firmware update at which point it errors saying 'The i Phone "i Phone" could not be restored.

An unknown error occurred (1).'Apple's page detailing 'more information' is next to useless and fails to give you any further information detailing what an error (1) actually is.

Instead just connect the phone and click Restore in i Tunes, which will download the correct Binary.

The way to restore bypassing any existing image is to restore from DFU mode.

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