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The currently used Text Box For gives no freedom to MVC to decide what kind of input type it should render.We tell it to show a text box which will be an input of type text: Note how the type was set to “url” instead of “text”.They are the heart of how a block operates, so they are covered separately.Introduction In the previous post we went through how to insert a new Book entity using a form. Two different Create action methods take care of the insertion process in the Books controller.The rules around who and when they can start a load test are quite complex and intricate which cannot possibly be expressed with data annotations.

There are various attribute types we can attach to these properties that affect the behaviour of the view model in various ways. Controlling the display The Display attribute can define the label for the property in the view: The Display attribute has a number of properties with Name and Prompt probably the one used most often.Before we apply some of these attributes we need to extend the book insertion form.We should enter placeholders to show the validation exception messages to our users.You can learn about block registration, and the available options, in the block registration documentation.Top ↑ The functions define the editor interface with which a user would interact, and the markup to be serialized back when a post is saved.

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