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The problem is, I can’t seem to convince my family and close friends that it’s OK for us to date. My ex and I have discussed why we broke up twice, whether it will happen again, what will we do if it doesn’t work out, and whether we are really willing to try this again despite the risks. If it ends up being a mistake, that’s OK; the world won’t end.But with everyone — including Google — saying dating an ex is an absolute no, I can’t help but feel hesitant. If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at I’m 22, about to graduate college in a couple semesters, and am wondering if I’m stupid for dating my ex-boyfriend. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.That means compromising over things that matter to you too, not just on issues you couldn’t care less about.People who don’t compromise, even in the early stages of a relationship, probably aren’t ready for a serious commitment.

Or perhaps you went out with a teacher who only ever wanted to talk about work.

We initially thought we were too young (we still think we are) to discuss things seriously like that before. I made the mistake earlier of overindulging them with a lot of the nitty-gritty, petty things of our relationship when I was younger, so I get their bias. They like to tell me what to do and what choices to make, and they get very disappointed and angry if I don’t follow them, to the point where I have felt suicidal for not choosing their path.

I can say with full confidence that I haven’t been this happy and openly communicative in a relationship ever before! (But they come from a place of care and concern.) With them like this, I’m not sure my happiness is truly worth it.

You might not think you act needy when dating, but think about it.

How available do you make yourself for a date you’re interested in?

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About a year and a half passed, life was fun focusing on school and friends and terrible hook-ups, and then we saw each other at a spring football showcase before the season started.

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