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“There is no one-size answer to this,” Bhatia says.And if your family or friend circle doesn’t openly talk about mental illness, sometimes the person with social anxiety doesn’t want to explain their illness to people who may not accept it.For a person with social anxiety disorder, their insecurities and lack of self-confidence make it difficult to imagine building a successful and lasting romantic partnership.This is what they desire most, but with the stakes being so high their fear of rejection or being judged is doubly acute, making them reluctant to take any chances.If your partner’s social anxiety is causing impairment to their day-to-day life, consider reaching out for help, Bhatia says.Talk to a therapist, seek a support group or see if your partner is open to the idea of couples counselling.And when you’re trying to get out in the dating world or are dating someone who doesn’t have social anxiety, it can be difficult to to get through social events like weddings, dinners or parties.

We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness.

Going to counselling with someone is one thing, but you shouldn’t push them to go to therapy or worse, Bhatia says, act as a therapist yourself. You want to support them and seek help, but also don’t want to sound too demanding of expectations they can’t meet,” he says.

Again, tone is important — make sure you don’t sound judgmental.”[email protected] @Arti Patel Why do I have knee pain?

Unfortunately, their poor self-image may sabotage their hopes, even if the other person reaches out first.

Too nervous or intimidated to let down their guard, or too frozen by anxiety to express themselves clearly, they may inadvertently push the other person away, falling into an instinctive mode of self-protection despite their deeper wishes.

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