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Inside this plus sign, which acts like a gallery window, we showcase the most exciting, transformative trends and ideas that add wellness to your life.

This week on The Plus Factor, we’re focused on the social sober movement, where not drinking alcohol is what’s buzzy.

“Media stories about celebrities living sober lifestyles, organizations like Faces and Voices of Recovery, and large scale events like the Concert to Face Addiction in DC last October—with performances by Steven Tyler and Sheryl Crowe, to name just a few—have definitely helped change people’s minds.” One of those new sober role models is NYC-based yoga and meditation instructor Elena Brower, who’s part of a spiritually-inclined subset that includes Tommy Rosen, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Home podcasters Holly Whitaker and Laura Mc Kowen.

Even on today’s healthy living scene, beer yoga, workouts-and-wine, and mindful cocktail nights foster engagement in what many love to call “healthy moderation.” But in a number of wellness circles, people are calling time on casual drinking, simply because it makes them feel like, well, crap.

“It seems there is a true recalibration happening, particularly in the wellness community.” Brower collaborates closely with She Recovers—she’ll be speaking at the organization’s first ever conference next spring, and will be leading a Yoga for Recovery class with She Recovers co-founder Taryn Strong on October 8.

The group’s mission is to show women that there are different pathways to recovery beyond 12-step programs (which are life-saving for many but, Nickel says, don’t work for everyone).

They’re already relaxed and connected after that—so drinking doesn’t add anything.” The realm of addiction and recovery is also evolving as public figures become more vocal about their past struggles and current sober reality.

“There’s an emerging movement of literally scores of women and men showing the world that sober is the new cool,” proclaims Nickel of She Recovers.

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(Although they take place after dark, the only alcohol you’ll find is in the kombucha.) When you have a space for living a healthy or “spiritually conscious, high vibe life,” according to this line of thinking, no buzz-inducing substances are really necessary.

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