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Edit: the logic is to seek validation and gain Instagram followers. I don't want to give away the wrong impression though.

Marriage is cool, but I don't want it to be the next obvious thing.

When parents and the larger family involve themselves in alliances, it can get oppressive, yes, but it can also act as a bulwark against a nihilist culture that focuses too much on instant gratification at the cost of building anything long-term.

They too may claim that’s not the case, but it is." I was surprised by what my friend said, not because any of it was new to me, but because it sounded so much like how gay men learn the ropes of socialisation.

To gay men, the body is the intermediary through which the first connection is established, the first, halting love known. Indeed, this state of affairs can be poisonous for someone looking to settle down.

For, what else is the purpose of a than to enable people with the express intent to commit to meet one another?

A recently formed community called Amour is trying to do the same for the LGBT community.

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