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One of the law school's great strengths is the richness and diversity of its curriculum.

It offers students the opportunity to sample a broad array of areas of the law with more than 275 elective courses offered each year.

Thus, an academic-year course with two hours of credit each semester is marked (2–2) and a semester course with two hours of credit is marked (2).

Some courses are offered for variable credit hours and are marked (2 or 3) or (3 or 4).

(Examination) This course introduces students to the modern legislative and administrative state and is designed to build students’ skills in working with statutes, regulations, and other similar sources of law.

The course also examines the roles of legislatures, agencies, and courts in interpreting and applying such sources of law.

Students should always consult the instructor’s course syllabus to confirm the method of evaluation and related details, particularly when more than one instructor is indicated in the course description. Students should consult the schedule of classes to determine whether a course is offered in any given semester or summer session. Formation of contracts, includ- ing mutual assent (offer and acceptance), consideration, and promissory estoppel; contract content and meaning, including parol evidence, interpretation and implied terms; defenses to enforceability including capacity, duress, undue influence, fraud, mistake, unconscionability, illegality and changed circumstances; conditions; breach and anticipatory repudiation; remedies, including expectation damages, reliance and restitution, specific performance, and liquidated damages; third party rights.

Other topics covered in some years include judicial supervision of plaintiff and defendant class actions; discovery and judicial control of large cases; the role of juries, magistrates, and masters in complex cases; and problems attending complex remedies such as the use of structural injunctions to reform public schools, hospitals, and prisons.

Special problems, such as conspiracy, inchoate crimes, causation, insanity, and complicity, are subjected to detailed analysis.

(Examination) The theory and practice of civil litigation.

(Examination or take-home examination) Legal problems arising from occurrences transcending state or national boundaries; jurisdiction; foreign judgments; constitutional influences; theoretical bases of choice of law principles and their application to specific fields, including torts, contracts, property, family law, administration of estates, business associations.

(Examination) Analysis and critique of complex civil litigation in the state and federal courts.

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