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We have a single domain, with a single exchange organization.We have a exch2k server running on win2k for years and it is working fine.But I never get any changes to AD, I used adsi edit to review the newly created group properties; the object show In Addres Book is there but is not popluated as my "functioning" (for lack of a better term) users/groups with container infor etc.

(Behavior same for new users) my staff tells me if you wait overnight it appears. I turned up the logging to do some RUS troubleshooting as per the MS article.

We added a new server with Exch 2k3 on win2k3 ( ~6 months ago).

Neither server is a DC, we have two other servers acting as DCs.

I am having a problem with my RUS service update email addresses with my recipient policy. i have 2 sites over a vpn with 3 DC's(all win2003). 2 DC's are in one site and the other DC and exchange is in the other site.

i am on my DC near exchange making changes and the RUS wont update new users that i setup with exchange boxes.

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exchange was at the other site and was updating but now its at other site over a vpn. need some guidance and help as to how to get users to update properly.

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