Relative and absolute dating differences

The amount of light/photons received by an observer on earth is dependent on the distance of the object and the actual intensity of the object.Also, the apparent magnitude of a celestial body may differ depending on the range of the electromagnetic spectrum in which it is being observed.It consists of an apparent magnitude scale based on pure observation.He classified stars based on how bright they appear in the sky.

However, the concept is mainly used for observations in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Absolute magnitude is defined as the apparent magnitude of a star at the distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light years.

The main difference between absolute and relative dating is the precision of the measurement. “Absolute Dating.” Science Learning Hub, Available Here2.

“Relative Dating.” Science Learning Hub, Available Here 1.

The precision in absolute ageing is high while the precision of the relative ageing is low.

Absolute age is a quantitative measurement while relative age is a qualitative measurement.

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