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There are both civil and criminal penalties for this unlawful act, although it is much more costly and difficult to prove a criminal case.

Always consider your goal: to recover the money or punish the check writer?

If this is not done before we process your next payment, that payment may be delayed.

You might receive a check for that payment, and the following month’s payment will be directly deposited using your new information.

After three paper check payments, future payments will be suspended until you enroll in direct deposit, unless you qualify for an exemption.

If you think you qualify for an exemption, you must call an IMRF Member Services Representative at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673), Monday through Friday, a.m. If you qualify for an exemption of mandatory direct deposit, you will receive your pension as a monthly paper check.

If the post office notifies IMRF of an address change, your payments will be suspended until you change your address with us.

Bad checks, also known as NSF checks, bounced checks, rubber checks, insufficient checks, bogus checks, etc., can be a big problem for an individual or for any size company.

In stop payment action, reimbursement for actual travel expenses to holder or agent for filing papers, and for traveling and providing witnesses to an from proceeding. Upon 30 days following certified written demand by payee to maker, the maker shall be liable to the payee for damages of double the amount owing on the check not to exceed 0 and service charge not to exceed . Giver of worthless check is liable for the amount of the check plus an amount equal to the greater of the following: (a) treble the amount of the check, but not exceeding the amount of the check by more than 0; or (b) 0. Drawer of dishonored check who fails to pay 30 days after written demand delivered by certified or registered mail is liable for damages in twice the amount owing but not less than 0 plus attorneys's fees and court costs.Monthly checks are always dated the first of the month and should not be cashed or deposited before this date.To allow for postal delays beyond our control, we ask that you wait until the 15th of the month before contacting IMRF about a missing monthly check.If you need to change this information: If you are changing account numbers with your bank but your bank routing number will be the same, you can complete a new direct deposit form or you can call an IMRF Member Services Representative at 1-800-ASK-IMRF (1-800-275-4673), Monday through Friday, a.m. IMRF requires a new direct deposit form if you are changing financial institutions -- we cannot accept this change over the phone or through email.Although your payments are deposited directly, IMRF will continue to mail you income tax statements and other correspondence.

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Holder may claim damages 30 days after mailing notice of dishonor to last known address of maker or drawer. Amount due, interest, court costs, reasonable costs of collection, and $10 per day (maximum is $50).

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