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This is a brief overview to familiarize yourselves with some of the features and functions.

Some sections will require their own posts so in the interest of brevity I’ll link to those.

Access it by clicking on your Word Press instance’s name (default is MY CMS).

You can also access from the last item on the left menu or by the Word Press item on the right-side menu.

If you have multiple domains, by default the page will show all domains.

Just scroll down and you’ll see that each domain has a main control panel like the above.

At HN we discourage the use of Addon domains due to these security and performance drawbacks.

However, if a client really wants to use them they can contact us and we can activate them.

To login to your Word Press dashboard simply go to your Preview URL and append / If you have yet to import a database you’ll be using the username and password set up by Plesk when your account was created. Copy and paste into your login form and you should be good to go.

These same options are available in the drop-down on the far right. Just select the desired files and directories and Add to Archive.

Your mail accounts can be accessed from 3 locations in the Websites & Domains dashboard.

In Plesk you can easily add mail accounts, set forwarders, mail groups, auto-responders and email aliases.

Our default mailbox size is 1gb and this is a hard limit on Managed Word Press Hosting where server performance is our top priority.

Search for plesk disk usage not updating:

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Your subdomain’s files live in the main root of its domain as you can see here: For reference, your website’s main files always live in httpdocs. You can easily preview and test your website before you push it live.

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