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I believe that Allie and Danny are the dancers that best compliment each other and while one is an expert in ballet and the other prefers ballroom, they seem to mesh well together.I was interested to see how they would tackle a contemporary routine and they did a good job. Tre’s comments sometime bore me and this was no more prevalent than in this case where she went on and on about how dancers take what they are given and make it their own or something.Tre, unfortunately, is in the middle and that simply doesn’t work. It seems like the much-maligned pair of Natalli and Francis have been in the bottom ever since the pair started. It’s certainly not because of a lack of personality, at least from Natalli’s end as she has popped on the screen each time that she has been on it. Rex Harrington really got a laugh from the crowd when he said that the pair made “sexy Rexy Rocket to the Stars.” (which was an obvious jab at Mary Murphy’s hot tamale train).

Mary Murphy said that the ending was rough and guest judge Rex Harrington said that he liked Lara’s bra.

Whoever made the decision to include him as a permanent judge this season should be promoted. The Black Angel has been promoted heavily throughout the season and has clearly positioned himself at the top of the class.

He has been the STAR of the series thus far and his comments while sometimes difficult to understand are almost always hilarious and full of vibrant vigor. He was also lucky enough to get one of the best partners around in Arrasay who has been like a sponge in terms of soaking in dances that she isn’t familiar with.

There is a catwalk on top (where we usually see host Leah Miller at the top of every show), and this also allows some audience members to get a bird’s eye view of the dances.

The judges are set-up to the left of the mosh pit area (where the majority of the audience members stand) and this pit is in front of a few traditional seats where most of the VIP’s in attendance (including guest choreographers) park themselves.

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