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Unearthed and reconstructed by the Archaeological Survey of India after it drowned in the Krishna River, the city brings alive the period when Mahayana Buddhism was introduced to South India by Acharya Na garjuna Mahayana.A year after its chairperson Sudha Murty's visit to the site, Infosys Foundation has joined hands with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan to host a mega cultural event---350 artistes and 20 events---at Anupu from December 9 to 11.Dr Paulay, who has specialised in reef biodiversity research, said conservation of coral reefs could be made more effective with combined efforts of public and the scientists.He suggested the concept 'Bioblitz', an innovative method in which scientists, amateur enthusiasts and volunteers collect or record any and every organisms noticed by them, for the conservation of the biodiversity.He appreciated CMFRI's contribution in documenting marine biodiversity of the nation by describing more than 270 species and generating DNA barcode of more than 200 marine species.However, Dr Paulay, cautioned against the recent trend of ignoring the taxonomy of species occurring in marine ecosystem.Delivering a lecture on 'Reef Biodiversity: the Inside Story' at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) Kochi on Thursday, he advised Indian scientists to lay emphasis on understanding the characteristics of undescribed marine species in the Indian Ocean by intensifying research on taxonomy by using molecular tools like DNA or meta barcoding."Around 80 per cent of the biodiversity is not yet classified.

The delegation from India was led by Ruchira Kamboj, permanent representative of India to UNESCO, who called it diplomatic triumph.Eight kilometres from the Nagarjuna Sagar dam in Guntur is Anupu that 1,700 years ago saw construction of one of India's first amphi theatres.Inspired by those in Greece and Rome, the theatre has been the pride of the small city besides the Vihara (Buddhist University) and the Harathi temple.The two agencies would also help Agra authorities in refixing pillars as well as in specifying distances of the projects from the floodplain.With an aim to bring greater focus on conservationefforts for the Western Ghats, the forest department organised a day-long conference, 'Western Ghats - Revisited', in the city on Wednesday.

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