Most intimidating haircuts

Short bob haircuts on curly hair can also be maintained with a proper hand, in spite of the disobedient, curls. Rugged Short Pixie Hairstyles definitely give you a funky rough look.In fact, messy ringlets could add a greater charm to your hair with a proper pixie crop. This punk style leaves a bit long locks of hair on some part of the face with absolute short hair at the back.This will surely give you an extraordinarily funky look.Many of you look forward to a decent, but trending look.

Moreover, this haircut works with normally any shade or color, but for a fresher look, prefer going with a blonde hue with dark roots.

As a matter of fact, many pixie cuts do not suit much for a round face, but if you have a round shaped face you surely need to opt for this!

Many of you might face a lot of difficulties to handle long wavy hair.

Jet black wavy locks with a pixie brunette cut, just give it a finger-toss and you’re ready to go!

This type of pixie cut is a blend of both long and short hair. Much of the volume at the back maintains the look, giving it a great jazzy look.

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The rich brunette Short Pixie Hairstyle works best if you have naturally wavy hair.

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