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Although Michael has opened his wallet and his home to deprived, disadvantaged and ill children the world over, his most significant contribution, and one that remains an inspiration to millions of fans, is his time and his attention…a much more valuable commodity than money.His genuine delight in the presence of children can be experienced by watching his visits-caressing the bald head of a young cancer victim gently-watching his timid smile as he approaches-the way his face lights up, as if from within, when children are present providing evidence to his open-hearted sincerity.Michael Jackson chodí do jejich kartonovo-kamenných obydlí a navštěvuje a zdraví v nich katolické školačky."The Black Linkage For Adoptive Children" hosts a charity event during which the Jacksons’ costumes from their 1979 Destiny Tour were auditioned off to the highest bidder; Michael Jackson’s costume garnered 575,00 dollars, the highest price from an impersonator who performed in an outfit that night for a gig., The Jacksons give a special benefit concert for the "Atlanta Children’s Foundation" at the Omni Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia, and raise 100,000 dollars for the charity, subsequently to lengthy episodes of Black youth disappearances and murders in the mentioned city.

Such suggestions are laughable as well as irrelevant.

Michael vždy říkal, že když hovoříte o tom, co dobrého jste na světě udělali, zrušíte dobročinnost toho daru, takže byl ve své humanitární práci velmi soukromý.

Nikdo se nikdy nedozví, kolik toho pro tenhle svět a pro děti udělal.

Such reactions cannot be faked nor can they be hidden.

During the peak of his career, Michael did more for people and the world than any other super star, his contributions so great they would have put many governments in big industrial countries to shame.” "The main thing with my uncle was just the love he showed all of us and how caring and giving he was to other people as well.

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(NAACP je národní sdružení pro povýšení barevných lidí, jedna z nejstarších a nejvlivnějších organizací pro etnické minority v USA.) 14ti letý Michael a Jackson 5, oblečeni jako Santové, rozdávají jménem své nahrávací společnosti Motown dárky na vánoční párty v Pacific Townclub v Los Angeles v Kalifornii.

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