Match com dating disasters

Looking back, I would not make this my sole strategy to meet guys.I would 100% try online dating, be more open to blind dates set up by friends or family and would try to strike up a convo at a coffee shop, the gym etc.This will begin to raise your energy and you will just be happier overall.As you know when you meet a new dating prospect, someone who radiates confidence and is passionate about their life is so attractive. Well, I was living in downtown Chicago at the time of my dating escapades.I tried becoming a leasing agent because I thought it would be fun.One of my first clients was a guy who was relocating to Chicago from Austin. I found him an adorable 1 bedroom with a view of the lake. (Ok, and my last) We continued to hang out, I showed him around the city and we fell in love.

I finally hit my breaking point after going on a vacation to California and reflecting on how I was living my life in a really unhealthy way.So, I was 30 years old, single, pretty sure I wanted kids at some point and felt the clock ticking.Now, I think-Wow, good for you for not settling and listening to that inner voice that was telling me this relationship is not right for you!I saw this necklace that said and I bought it as a reminder that a relationship would come when I was truly ready.I went back home, feeling motivated and got a 2nd job, so I’d quit going out so much.

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