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This species, like most bustards, is a ground-dwelling bird and an opportunistic omnivore.Male kori bustards, which can be more than twice as heavy as the female, attempt to breed with as many females as possible and then take no part in the raising of the young.

This species is common in Tanzania at Ngorongoro National Park, Kitulo National Park and Serengeti National Park.Kori bustards are distinguished from Denham's bustard (Neotis denhamii) and Ludwig's bustard (Neotis luwigii), both of which they sometimes forage with, by their greyer appearance and by their lack of a tawny red hind-neck and upper mantle.In flight it can be distinguished from both of these somewhat smaller bustards by not displaying any white markings on the upperwing, which is uniformly grey here.Both Stanley's and Ludwig's bustards lack the kori's dark crest.More similar to, and nearly the same size as, the kori is the closely related Arabian bustard (Ardeotis arabs) (despite its name, the latter species ranges well into East Africa).

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