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Producers say they would be "delighted" if Allen auditioned and bookmaker William Hill has installed her as 6/4 favourite.

was a total daddy — but we were woefully unaware just how much of a ladies’ man he is!

The singer was photographed with what appeared to be a diamond-studded band and an antique gem on the fourth finger of her left hand as she arrived back from a Caribbean holiday with her new boyfriend, multi-millionaire art dealer Jay Jopling.

Allen, 23, recently began dating Jopling, 45, an Old Etonian and owner of the White Cube gallery.

Whether you love or hate the bright colors, busy patterns, and slimmer cuts, you have to admire the guys’ creativity…We all know ladies want passion, excitement, romance, or a mix of the three in bed.

And seriously, what’s sexier than data, graphs, and, wait for it… Enter Spreadsheets, the new app from Ardenturous Labs in Silicon Beach, Los…The two teenagers charged in the heartbreaking case of Rehtaeh Parsons, the 17-year-old who was cyberbullied after a photograph of her allegedly being sexually assaulted was passed around her school, appeared in court last week.

However, when you add in the fact he and his GF just split — and Lily recently broke up with Meridian Dan, her boyfriend of three years…Well, it’s certainly inneresting, anyway.

Like we said, it turns out David is quite the ladies’ man.

Part of the Whiteboard Animation Studio team, in recent months Cox has also…Today in eerily parallel news: Hollywood won’t touch Wonder Woman with a ten foot pole, and EA Games “can’t commit” to including women soccer players in their best-selling sports video game, even though professional female athletes actually already…Last week, the New York Times ran a video by Bill Cunningham featuring men’s street styles from NYC collected over the past month.He and the singer were attending a play when they ducked out at intermission and left together.No one made anything of it at the time as Harbour was still understood to be in a relationship and there was no overt PDA or anything.A marriage between a younger man and older woman is not as easily accepted as that of a younger woman and older man.When a younger man marries and older woman, there are still some people who assume money is…

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Unfamiliar with Sydney, he'd asked around for dinner recommendations... Yup, she ghosted him years before ghosting was even a thing. He wrote a song, named it "Every time I hear your smile it reminds me of our days, from the first of them we would seem to laugh like we'd known each other always. "Now I'm sure you're with another and you left me here to wonder what it is that fills your days?

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