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Rambin illustrated the joke with the picture at left of the funny-looking brown woman.

Of course the whole call Emily Brill, the bloggy socialite. Morgan made the call from Rambin's phone and was sure to say so in his voice mail, thus helping spread the word that, no matter who else Rambin may or may not have hilarious joke from her father in which a filthy starving homeless woman sets up a punchline about the importance of privileged wealth. Rambin's (character's) new love interest is quite a step up: he's the savior of humanity, John Connor, "the boy who will one day lead an army of puny humans against sentient bloodthirsty robots." The teen soap star (and little sis of lifestreamer/dating columnist Julia Allison's BFF Mary) has moved to L. "When the wonderful, amazing, breathtaking, creative, eccentric [artist] Mr. Jailbait actresses who refer to themselves as "Levlita," even in jest. What a hilarious idea, kind of like the hunter becoming the hunted! Maybe it's swelled her head: a tipster brought it to our attention that she's become a fan of guest-blogging on LOLA! The show makes up stories and tries to get tabloids to print them.The stories that women tell are so important to our culture and culture is everything. Those movements have been incredibly important to bring forth change in a really toxic culture.We went out with our team, and we made it with a small, passionate crew. I used other female resources in publicity to get it attention so it could be seen. I think it’s important that the identity of female filmmakers not solely rest in #Me Too and Time’s Up, because we are not victims.

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It was only through the “willpower and determination” of the all-female creative team that the thriller about a woman (Rambin) discovering an abandoned boy in the woods and searching for his identity, was able to be made and screened.

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