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Moreover, we find important differences between the effects of civilian and military spending. Our results suggest that total government spending has a positive effect on output, but it induces a fall in private consumption.The out-of-sample forecasting performance of the proposed model is evaluated against a number of standard models, using data on S&P 500 monthly realized volatilities.Some commonly used loss functions are employed to evaluate the predictive accuracy of the alternative models.The banks show the weakness and lack of experience of the banking system in developing a reasonable profit transformation model.The revenue diversification of banks is currently passive and moves slowly.The vertical dashed line indicates the end of the initial sample period used for parameter estimation in our first out-of-sample forecasting exercise.

Simulation studies validate the new method and suggest that it works reasonably well in finite samples.The banking industry is the most notable exception.In this sector of the German economy, the global financial meltdown and the sovereign debt crisis in Europe have been of high relevance.Superimposed are smooth curves fitted using the LOESS method.Full article "Figure 3 S& P 500 monthly realized volatilities, Jan 1946-Dec 2004.

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