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Unfortunately, older easy-rsa distributions included the config option "default_md md5".If you are using an old easy-rsa version, update to the latest version) or change md5 to sha256 and regenerate your certificates.The problem with all these methods offered by apps is that they can only provide best effort and are no complete solutions.On boot, app crashing and other corner cases the app cannot ensure that this block of non VPN connection works. The only reliable way to ensure non VPN connections are blocked is to use Android 8.0 or later and use the "block connections without VPN" setting that can be found under Settings Enable Always ON VPN, Enable Block Connections without VPN Open VPN for Android supports two remote APIs, a sophisticated API using AIDL (remote EXample in the git repository) and a simple one using Intents. Replace profilname with your profile name adb shell am start-activity -a android.intent.action. Disconnect VPN adb shell am start-activity -a android.intent.action.It is targeted at more advanced users and offers many settings and the ability to import profiles from files and to configure/change profiles inside the app.The client is based on the community version of Open VPN. This client can be seen as the semi officially client of the community.

This client is the official client of the Open VPN technologies Open VPN Settings is the oldest of the clients and also a UI for the open source Open VPN.The clients can be grouped into two groups: Open VPN for Android and Open VPN Connect use the official VPNService API (Android 4.0 ) and require no root and Open VPN Settings which uses root.Open VPN for Android is an open source client and developed by Arne Schwabe.If Android is under system memory (RAM) pressure, apps and service which are not needed at the moment are removed from active memory. To ensure that the connection/Open VPN survives the service runs with higher priority.To run with higher priority the application must display a notification.

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In contrast to Open VPN for Android it requires root and does not use the VPNService API.

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