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The balance is sensitive to 1/100 milligram; the bearings are of agate.

We take great pride in our ability to render this service and guarantee all work of this nature.

Sensibility 1/10 of a milligram under full load of 100 grams in each pan.

Price - -.00 1121 1121 BALANCE Portable Analytical.

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The stand can be folded up in a compact manner for transportation .50 1006 1007 a l OOTb 1006 ACID PUMP A convenient and handy arrangement for drawing acid, etc., from carboys, bottles, etc.

The carrying case is of walnut, fitted with lock and key and trunk strap handle.

The beam of this balance is made of aluminum alloy, 4 inches long, with 50 divisions on each side of the center knife edge; the bearings are of Russian agate.

Balance complete with set of first quality weights from 10 grams to 1/10 milligram, and riders ...........,.,, .00 LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND CHEMICALS 21 ASSAY BALANCES In addition to the following assay balances, we can furnish any other special type known.

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