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Many of them are less experienced with Ubuntu and with Linux, and expect a reliable system which does not require their intervention.Stable release updates are automatically recommended to a very large number of users, and so it is critically important to treat them with great caution.tags and test proposed updates on different hardware to check for inadvertent side effects.Verification must be done in a software environment as close as is feasible to that which will exist after the package is copied to *-updates.In other cases where such upstream automatic testing is not available, exceptions must still be approved by at least one member of the Ubuntu Technical Board.Do not upload SRUs for bugs which do not affect users at runtime.Packages accepted into -proposed as per the SRU process automatically trigger related autopkgtests, similarly to how it happens for the development series.Once those tests are finished, the pending SRU page provides links to any failures that have been noticed for the selected upload.

They use their Ubuntu system for their day-to-day work, and problems they experience with it can be extremely disruptive.If all of the changes are appropriate for an SRU by the criteria above, then it is acceptable (and usually easier) to just upload the complete new upstream microrelease instead of backporting the individual patches.Note that some noise introduced by autoreconf is okay, but making structural changes to the build system (such as introducing new library dependencies) is generally not.So an update will become fully phased after 54 hours or about 2 days.In the event that a regression is detected the Phased-Update-Precentage will be set to 0% thereby causing supported package managers not to install the update.

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Therefore, when updates are proposed, they must be accompanied by a strong rationale and present a low risk of regressions.

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