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The late ‘90s were a different time, when apparently all you needed to do to get a job in the third biggest wrestling company in America was show up and ask for one.

It worked for a shocking number of superstars, including Lita, who claims to have gotten hired by Paul Heyman to work for ECW simply by showing up and highly impressing with her look and style.

In a match that was also Essa’s debut, he easily defeated Gillberg for the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship, after which Lita jumped in the ring and performed a celebratory moonsault, instantly endearing her to fans.

Though Lita and Rios weren’t dating at the time, she still had a great admiration for his work, explaining during an interview on that Rios was her favorite wrestler while she was in Mexico.

Lita also earned great recognition for her feuds with Trish Stratus and Stephanie Mc Mahon, which brought women’s wrestling to the main event of Raw for the first time.lita was cheating on edge because she was dating M. This eventually led to the pregnancy angle, the wedding, Kane's turn, and the death of the baby via Snitski's "it wasn't my fault" angle. Edge and Lita had a real-life affair and this seems to be being portrayed onscreen with Kane, Lita and Edge. lita and matt were best friend before going out they met each other in 1998 and fall in love in 1999.Hardy September 12, 2008 Actually you have that backwards Lita cheated on Matt with Edge, Matt and Lita had been together for 6 years before her and Edge hooked up. well that's reallly complicated because Matt hardy asked lita to marry him but then him and Kane wrestled for her heart and Kane won but the baby lita was impregnated with was kanes but she wasnt positive whos it was . Punk was dating Lita during 2009 and the couple had a lengthy relationship but recently it was made known that the couple isn't dating anymore. nononono lita went out with Matt and Kane kidnapped lita because Kane loved her and lita pretended to love him and evantually Kane forces lita to marry him but she hated… but now they are good friends as for adam aswell Edge is nothing more than a player.. WWE wanted edge to be with maryse because they were both from Canada but he had a crush on lita so he wanted he wanted her. Then you have Kane who as you know likes girls like lita so you know how Kane is.. Then Matt who actullay loves lita so that's not a story line. Keep reading to learn 15 things you never knew about Lita’s past relationships and discover how they affected her as a performer.Each passing women’s revolution in wrestling brings more female fans to the industry and yet the perception still exists that the WWE audience is predominantly, if not entirely, male.

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