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Document version numbers might seem like a trivial concept – a subject upon which there is little to be said – but they are a real bug bear for me. things change, and version 1.0 needs to be revised.

So version 1.0 gets updated to version 1.1, and maybe version 1.2, and so on.

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So here’s a topic that you don’t see discussed very often. But inevitably (and increasingly in an agile world where change is to be encouraged, nay embraced)…

But at this point it’s never clear (to me at least) whether version 1.1 is a draft for approval or an approved update to version 1.1. If I think I am likely to share a document with others (i.e.

Please use the menu above to navigate to the page you were looking for.I do this even for draft documents, and even if the document is only stored locally on my computer, where no one else can see it.In this way, I can easily spot the difference between a document that’s in progress and one that’s complete.As a Business Analyst, it’s hard to imagine giving up documentation altogether, and I’m not completely convinced it’s the right thing to do (especially not on my current project, which spans four continents).But agilists are right to challenge the document-heavy approach.

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