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Barbarian / 20,000 / Mempo with crit I'll upload mine when i get back from work.Demonhunter Heroscore: 9,650 world: 50K (dh: 36326) Americas: 50K (dh: 13532) Lowest item: Hellfire ring, item score 273 Best item: Manticore, item score 2012 Edit: Actually, have the same problem as @zerokewl; don't think it's updating properly, cause it says my DH is only Paragon lvl 17, but he should be 29...Five years later, NBC decided to sell its interest in PAX TV and end its relationship with PAX owner, Paxson Communications.

Someone else needed work boots and other items sent to him, shipment of which would cost 0 from the States (truly very very expensive to ship to Ghana), and all those items are easily obtained here in Ghana.Well as far as "Firsts" go but I've always been a fan of fastest I can't speak for others but any sort of clearing of Inferno would be of interest to me.I would also be interested in things if they can track time, such as fastest(not first) level 60 in SC and HC.(likely, different times) Same for boss kills and kill streaks.Tell them you absolutely won’t send them any money, see how fast they drop you.In the past several months, I have noticed an increase in issues regarding Ghanaian “friends” who were met over the internet, or who are cyber dating through internet dating websites.

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Here's a link to my wizard: could probably update my rings, but I'm mostly interested in getting some interesting legendary equipment, and I'm not sure what's good for wizards these days. this is a good setup imohelm - Stormcrow with crit Neck - Tal's with IAS or a trifecta Chest - Tal's with high vit and resist Gloves - Trifecta rares or a good sage'sshoulders - Vile ward with high vit and int Belt - Witching hour with int, vit and resist with 40ish crit damage Pants - Inna's with int roll OR blackthornes for the LOHRings - choose between a Good Hellfire, Trifecta, Stone of Jordan with energy twister crit, or a nicely rolled litany Bracers - Lacunis with crit Shoes - Ice climbers (as to why not zuni's???

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