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In order to do this, we strive to be accepted by our fellows. Through acceptance, we understand what we have to offer, and feel that we belong. What does rejection do to the human brain that so desperately needs to fit in?

According to a psychological study, rejection causes the brain’s pain receptors to respond as though the body had been physically injured.

Rejection feels akin to failure; it feels personal.

Especially when you’re putting your heart on the line, it’s no wonder online dating rejection can leave us feeling angry, sad and, at worst, unlovable.

It’s a fact of life that we will reject others, as well as be rejected.

We can’t control what other people do, but what we do have a say in is how we behave and how we choose to respond to such rejection.

It happens – and, sadly, it’s an inevitable part of online dating.

Sara David, writer for Vice, You cannot force someone to want you.

By maintaining these communities, we maintain the health of the larger organization.

To quote the study: “As far as your brain is concerned, a broken heart is not so different from a broken arm.” Not only does the brain register the ache of rejection as real pain, but this also triggers a “cascade of emotional and cognitive consequences,” including depression, jealousy, and anger.

As painful as rejection is, we also can’t stop it from happening.

The most successful profiles tend to be about 100 words long and use positive language – so avoid mentioning the things you dislike, and talk about the things that make you smile.

Since the dawn of time we’ve gathered together into tribes, cities, and nations in order to survive the dangers of the wild.

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