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Before you start waxing your surfboard or speed-dialing your travel agent, let’s take a look at Census 2000 population statistics. It’s the sound of Census 2000 data crushing the dreams of lonely men who just booked flights to the Golden State.Depending on who you ask, Surf City is either: Both cities are surfing paradises but neither comes close to a gender ratio of two women for every man.

I guess the girls just can't resist the attention they receive.It’s a marriage-oriented site whose model actively attempts the elimination of players, right?And we all know to which gender such a site would most appeal.I wonder if the womens' age peak at 23 is due to older girls settling down/canceling their profiles, or if it is just because older girls are not as comfortable with online dating as their younger sisters. At 22-23, girls are graduating from college and realizing that they suddenly don't have a stream of men validating them like they used to: they're addicted after eight years of high school and college, and sites like OKCupid let them make up the slack.I bet pay sites like Match and e Harmony get a bigger share of girls in their late 20s and 30s.

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By age 26 or 27, your typical SWPL chick is looking for a dude who can sink $9.99/mo.

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