Dating single mother child support

My parents are Chinese Americans and they tell me family court is useless in China. My parents said the paternal grandparents took her and barred her mother from seeing her.

There is no way to enforce joint custody or punish child abductions like it would be done in the US.

It makes a difference here as they know foreigners are more likely to step into these situations. I've had a few buddies play "white knight", with only one case working out really well.

There’s some cynical feckers here when it comes to Chinese women on dating sites.

If you do have a stable income, the court decides a percentage.

Ironically, despite this sub/reddit hates social credit system, not paying child support will land you on the social credit blacklist, because you are refusing to execute a court order, that is actually the only sure way to get you on the blacklist fast.

If later disagreement arise, one side had to sue the other side in a civil case, that would be harder.

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I think that is only possible if you do not have a stable income.

However, in that case, the law is clear it is not a percentage of the income, but a fixed amount decided by the court.

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  1. Some of the women choose this option not because they are doormats but because they considered it a fair trade. I’m also gainfully employed and American which comes with its own rewards as it is a first world nation.