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It’s Just Lunch offers clients a chance to get acquainted over lunch.

The firm does all the work, making reservations, clearing the matches with customers.

Before graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a music degree, she spent summers training and performing at Greenwood Music Camp (Cummington, Massachusetts); Kneisal Hall (Blue Hill, Maine); The Music Academy of the West (Santa Barbara, California). she played with the New Music Orchestra and Washington Philharmonia and served on the Board of Directors of the New Music Society.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Quito Ecuador, she played and toured with the Ecuadorean National Symphony, performed with an international quartet and studied music therapy. Kitty founded the “Cumberland String Quartet” in Washington, D. and founded the “New Hope Players” in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Kitty has coordinated and organized a number of international musician exchanges through Partners of the Americas-Bolivia, including student groups from the Duke University String School and the Laredo Institute in Cochabamba, Bolivia as well as programs for drummer Juan Garcia Marcos from La Paz Bolivia and violinist Jennifer Curtis of North Carolina.

Currently, Kitty freelances throughout the Triangle, serves as principal viola in the Chapel Hill Philharmonia and plays with the Pittsboro Bach Society.

All couples have to do is show up." We treat you as a person, not a website profile.

Confidential Professional Matchmaker Service based in Charlotte serving Raleigh and the East Coast. There are so many internet dating services in Raleigh that rely solely on a computer algorithm to find your perfect match. Fz-l .star-half i#local-search-wrapper .stars.tripadvisor i,.lightbox .stars.tripadvisor i#local-search-wrapper .stars.tripadvisor .star-full i,.lightbox .stars.tripadvisor .star-full i#local-search-wrapper .stars.tripadvisor .star-half i,.lightbox .stars.tripadvisor .star-half i#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl i. Icon#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl-small i. Icon#local-algo-listing h4 .algo-title a.lrr-action-links div:nth-of-type(n 2) span::before.lrr-action-links div:nth-of-type(n 2) span#lightbox-links div:nth-of-type(n 2) span::before#lightbox-links div:nth-of-type(n 2) span#local-search-wrapper . Icon#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl,#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl-small,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl-small#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl#local-search-wrapper span.tripadvisor-owl-small,.lightbox span.tripadvisor-owl-small#local-search-wrapper . Icon.tripadvisor.small.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-left.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-right.lrr-rating-distribution .peoplesay-caption#local-algo-listing .hotel-text#local-algo-listing .hotel-price#local-algo-listing .hotel-title#local-algo-listing ol li .picture .location-icon#local-algo-listing ol li .picture .location-icon i. Fortunately for the music community, Mary will continue to perform with prominent groups to audiences throughout the state.Kitty has extensive experience performing as a soloist as well as in chamber and orchestral groups.

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