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Don’t Settle Let’s face it: all of us from time to time feel lonely and just want to be with someone.But do your best to keep in mind an important truth that you already know: It’s not healthy to accept less than you deserve, or less than you need, just because you’re afraid of being alone.So no matter how much a person tries to change us, we’re not going to change.Plus, we’re going to resent the person who is pushing us to be something other than what we’ve already chosen to be.If you have dealbreakers, toss those out beforehand.I am not talking about someone chewing with their mouth open.Don’t overemphasize the small stuff, and don’t expect the impossible.

Whether you seek a deep connection or just a fun time, there are some questions to answer before committing to a first date.So don’t expect to change the person you’re with in any fundamental way. Do Encourage Growth and Expose the Person to new Possibilities There’s nothing wrong with presenting someone with ways they can improve as a person or shake off some of the rough, so that the diamond can shine through a bit more.The key questions are your motivation, and how you go about recommending growth.Don’t Change Who You Are Just as you can’t expect to substantially change the other person, you also shouldn’t deny or give up on the most important parts of yourself.Sometimes we want to make a relationship work so much that we let go of what makes us who we are or what we truly want and need.

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