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Why Believe asks the audience to explore what it means to believe in something, what it feels like to lose faith, and if the act of believing even matters at a multi-sensory theatre memento mori with snacks and drinks that takes place entirely in the dark. The series takes its name from the distiller’s term for whiskey that evaporates while maturing in the barrel, thus going to the angels.

Smell, taste, and touch your way through this nourishing ode to joy, and let it awaken your autonomous sensory meridian responses. All pianos are generously provided by our sponsor Yamaha.

The immersive production will unfold in several locations around the estate, both indoors and outdoors, with audience members following the characters from place to place.

A gothic thriller originally written in 1898 by American Novelist, Henry James, The Turn of the Screw embodies supernatural elements and suspense.

Seidman, from their well-known treatise “Basic Principles of Incantations & Applied Esoterics.” Students will receive a thorough grounding in contemporary theories of magical utterances, as well as applications of incantations.

Lessons will culminate in practical exams in the use of Proto Esoterica, as befitting young adults of breeding.”Basic Principles of Incantation is a performance-based interactive theatre game about linguistics and magic.

But are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestations of our own terrified imaginations? Mo FE is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience blending immersive theater, psychology, and virtual reality.

Nearly 100 year later, séances continue to capture the public’s fascination.Players take on the role of students of the Esoteric Arts at their first lesson conducted by Professor A. Players wrangle with tricky phonetics, solve puzzles about magical morphology, and finally have to break a curse on their professor, using their wits, their listening skills, and their linguistic abilities, with the help of a textbook written for the game. This year’s Convergence features three VR programs as well as special events to showcase today’s wide-ranging landscape of immersive storytelling, featuring virtual reality and 360-degree filmmaking from around the globe.Contact Level: Light (Business/Acquaintance)Content Advisories: Classism. This puzzles in this show are very reliant on audio processing and speech production. House of SHOWFIELDS is an immersive theatre experience that bridges art and retail. Contact Level: None to Light (Business/Acquaintance), with consent, for testing samples. The lineup includes the World Premiere of , a wholly original approach to storytelling combining state-of-the art augmented audio, interactive theater, and elements of game play.A governess arrives at a remote country estate to care for two children with explicit orders from her employer to never write to him about the children, never inquire about the history of the house, and to never abandon the children.Alone and anxious, the Governess begins to feel that the grounds might be haunted and that the malevolent spirits are targeting the children in her charge.

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Contact Level: None to Light (Business/Acquaintance)Content Advisories: None. Content Advisories: Stylized violence, loud noises, spooky sounds.

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