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But Médicins du Monde decided to lead by example, and set up tents all over Paris to dramatically demonstrate to passers-by just how bad the situation was.After a while some charitable Parisians began giving out tents on their own.They left a trail of stickers behind them—in the best campus bars, in the most exclusive nightclubs.”: How Tinder Obtained More Than 50 Million Users Through Word-Of-Mouth Blogger outreach campaigns are an effective way to take guerilla tactics online, and reach your target customers in their own communities.Mod Cloth and One Kings Lane demonstrate that blogging outreach can give you enthusiastic and authentic publicity at minimal cost.Throughout SXSW 2014, representatives from Medallia partnered with Austin’s Foundation for the Homeless and placed themselves in strategic spots asking for attendee’s unwanted swag (freebies given out to every attendee).They started the hashtag #Swag Donation SXSW to promote the initiative.#Swag Donations SXSW was as a massive success – nearly 50lbs of swag was collected.In the meantime, Warby Parker had 30 models getting ready in the hotel next door.

These chart demonstrate the phenomenal success of the Ice Bucket Challenge – the peer-to-peer campaign raised an insane amount of money, and now it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t know about ALS.Modcloth names dresses after featured bloggers names a dress after each of them.In turn, Bloggers of the Moment suggest other Mod Cloth pieces to complement their namesake dresses, and name their favorite Mod Cloth pieces.However, in order to do that, you have to either do a runway show or a presentation.Then, they invited 40 editors to meet them in front of the library, while instructing them to keep silent on their purpose of being at the library.

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Try Referral Candy for free to see if it works for your business.)Here they are: Foursquare didn’t have a booth like most other brands at the 2010 SXSW convention.

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