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Depending on the hardness of the stone, the manufacturing process for a full grooved and completely polished axe required 30 to 60 hours of work.Axes were sharpened by simply grinding down the bit end as it became worn.There are over 500 specimens in the collection so she should be able to develop a good characterization of axes from eastern Pennsylvania.The results of her analysis will be the subject of a blog in early May.Depending on the degree of stone that needed to be removed to reach the desired shape, axes are first chipped to remove excess material or if only a small amount of material needs to be removed, they are pecked into shape.The pecking process involves using a stone hammer and repeatedly but carefully striking the axe blank, removing small pieces of the surface.The groove formed early in the manufacturing process.

Up until a month ago, they were stored in boxes and underutilized.Most of the axes in The State Museum collection are broken or worn down, nearing the end of their use life.However, some are very large (see below) and some of the unfinished pieces are extremely heavy weighing 4445 gr or 10 pounds and measuring 39 cm or 15 inches in length.Ground and polished axes frequently start out as river cobbles that were chosen for their general size and shape.Metamorphosed siltstone or sandstone, basalt or diabase was frequently used and sometimes quartzite.

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