Dating for overweight people

People are drawn to energy and it is one of the first things that is noticed about you.

I chuckled recently when a client of mine called me the Energizer Bunny in response to a statement I made about a singles event that I was hosting in Minneapolis, MN.

Keep yourself well groomed and have a high level of personal hygiene.

There are so many great ways to visually and physically express you do take care of yourself and care about your appearance.

Learn to dress your body to hide your flaws and accentuate the parts of your body that rock.

Many women and men out there have grown up with similar messaging from the ones they love.

I am here to loudly and proudly tell you my mother was wrong and all the messaging out there that has a similar tone to it is wrong as well.

Basically, to sum up my mothers message, there was to be no place for me in dating, love, marriage or happiness really if I were an overweight woman.

This message didn’t fall on deaf ears and I know, I am not alone.

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