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Findings discuss a range of issues including clashing intergenerational expectations, peer marginalisation, navigating multicultural Australia, racial depersonalisation in the dating scene, "yellow fever" as a form of hermeneutical injustice, ambiguous sexual consent, domestic violence in de facto relationships (queer and straight), and the impacts/implications of legal status within abusive relationships and the dating pool.This thesis stands as the first qualitative study to inform the vacuum of knowledge about Chinese international students' intimate social activities in Australia.We’re just selective.” Tinder, along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is censored by the government and can’t be used without a virtual private network.This has stopped the wave of online dating from coming to big cities in China like Beijing and Shanghai. Culture: Lunch n' Learn Series offers students a chance to learn about specific issues they will encounter and see in U. These workshops are open to all students and will include free lunch.Hooking up with a random partner is still somewhat socially unacceptable, so many young Japanese people keep their love lives private from friends and social media.Elle Machimoto, a junior physics major from Fukuoka, Japan, said that one of the biggest differences she’s noticed is how open Americans are about hooking up with one another.

She discussed the trends of dating throughout the ‘80s until today and said Chinese parents aren’t as open and understanding as American parents.

In some cases, Western views have influenced countries to move toward more progressive dating mores, while others countries hold onto traditional values around sex and dating.

Tinder, Bumble and Grindr have made it easier for young people to connect with potential partners looking for a quick hookup. Borui Zhu, a senior geographic information science major, and Xiangrui Peng, a junior business administration major, have dated for four years.

“My roommate here at UB always brings her boyfriend to our room to spend the night or have sex, which would never happen in Japan,” Machimoto said.

“Unlike dorms in America, Japanese dorms have single-sex floors which prohibit students and visitors of the other sex from entering.

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