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Kids and teenagers and stuff, they don’t download music anymore.

In Love’s A Beach, players aim to take their clothesless companions on the best beach-strolling, river-running, ATV-riding date ever – all from the comfort of their browsers.

I would go and shred those roads, I know them by heart. I’d love to get one of our songs on the [in-game] radio. Did you use trackers here, or was the whole soundtrack composed in modern software? There are certain things that are still so much easier and intuitive to do in trackers. It’s not an obvious association, but for me it kind of had that. They’re definitely very different processes for me.

So in the game I do the same thing, go back there and drive on the roads I grew up on. But I’ve also been enjoying the free-range of high-production stuff. When I’m writing for a game, I want it to be really functional for the game.

Reared on special music programs called “trackers,” which emulate video game sound chips, they have since expanded their sound to include new sound palettes, hinting at dance music and electro-pop influences. He was working on the project and I guess he needed music for it that fit the kind of stuff I make, so he hit me up. It was hilarious when I came home and told my friends. I think there’s a lot of pressure to make everything an app right now.

I actually don’t even know what his job title is at VH1. At my apartment it’s such a weird, guilty pleasure show. None of us even watch TV that much, but for some reason we totally attached ourselves to that show. Without going too deep, I feel like the concept of apps won’t necessarily last.

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