Dating european women vs american women

In general the unpinning rules of the dating game are simple, and tend not to vary too much between each continent.

However this does not mean that the dating culture, in specific the American dating culture has to stick to these rules hard and fast.

By pure coincidence he also ended up being from New York.

There are a number of inbuilt historical and cultural shackles placed on European women when dating such as social views, family representations, religious history and behavioral expectations which make them a lot more rigid in this sense.

But this rigidity does make them more predictable although more dependent when dating.

They see you as a sexless commodity, an image, a gateway, a stepping stone to something else, something bigger.”“But, in, let’s say, Eastern Europe a woman sees you as a man. She doesn’t need anything beyond the mass of bones and muscles that’s in front of her.”He listened patiently.“Remember how it was in Brazil where we could easily tell if a woman was interested or not? She was either into you or not.”“Yeah, that’s what I really loved that about Brazilian women. Maybe not as intense, but the underlying game is very similar.”“Think about this.

A confident, testosterone-laden man who’s ready to conquer the world. Think about how American game is built around conversation, endless conversation about all kinds of random topics, most topics that are completely pointless and never lead to anywhere, with the hope that eventually the girl will become into you—that is if nothing else catches her attention in the meantime.”“Hmm, yeah, I never thought about it, but I can see that.

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