Dating dynamics

Gender: Male Age: 41 Height: 5’11” Body Type: Fit or Fat, depending on the year. Perhaps I should make two things somewhat clear at this point.

Number 1 Being angry, frustrated, and tired of woman and dating is far more common than I ever expected and it helps make me feel more normal. When I was bitter and full of hate I was terrible with women.

reason, the woman assumes you're picking up on her. All women are by now, and they all have a standard routine they use of being a little stand-offish to you until you can bust past this barrier.

Instead of complimenting a woman when you first meet her, take the opportunity to gently tease her.

Help us deconstruct the damaging domestication training we men have been given with the hopes of rediscovering the inner power of self assurance, validation, and approval.

Help us deconstruct the seemingly bizarre behavior of women, with the goal of removing our frustrations with them, and replacing this confusion with a full appreciation and understanding of their motivations, genetic drives, and personal desires.

I'm not going to bore you with all the details, but let's just say that my dating life was really empty.The truth is women will always hold a level of confusion and mystery and, with time, we need to learn to love and appreciate that.As MEN we should take responsibility for our bad choices and our bad emotional responses thereby re-igniting our future dating successes!The point of this blog is to share the understanding that it s our resentments and negative assumptions of women that are directly responsible for our lack of dating success. We guys let our egos hold us back from empowering each other with our shared knowledge and dating insights because of our own insecurities and I hope I can make steps to prevent this current trend from steamrolling over our next generation of men. Hopefully you will eventually see that it s the men of the world who gift-wrap their women FOR YOU.My expectation is that this blog, and my book, will help us learn that men need not be angry or full of hate.

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